Big River, Little Fish

If I had words, I would tell Tom that all is not lost. But all I can do is let time take us to that moment. Because if a backwards birth can be a boy’s beginning then it is possible that death is not the end but a way of flowing forward. All the rest is between the little and the fish.

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Big River, Little Fish is the highly anticipated second novel from Belinda Jeffrey. Set in South Australia during the 1956 Murray River flood, it tells the story of Tom Downs; a boy trapped between his way of seeing the world and the world’s way of viewing him. He lives in the town of Swan Reach but likes it best down by the river, listening to Old Mother Murray and talking to Sarah, the only person who understands him as much as the river. But a big river is coming and it takes strength for a backwards boy to figure out a way through the dark and murky water.

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Young Adult


198 x 129

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Belinda Jeffrey