Wombat Books

  • Hazy mazy oops a daisy, wriggle your ears but don’t go crazy!Annabel is no ordinary sheep. She is wiggly and jiggly. Loud noises hurt her ears and no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t fit in with the mob.Until one day her supersensitive style brings her unexpected attention. How will the rest of the mob deal with Annabel now?
  • A missing uncle, a scary aunt and a basement full of the creeps ...
  • A very hungry bear looks everywhere for his favourite food. He learns where to find it and the best way to get it.
  • I wonder if it’s dark and lonely in that other place ...’ Gemma watches her dad as he sits alone in his tangled garden. She doesn't understand why he seems so sad. Can she help her dad find his way home?
  • I knew I was in Australia when I noticed all the legs - men's legs! I never thought there could be so many variations: short, long, muscled, knobbly-kneed.
    Then there were the hairy ones!
  • A child explores the loving memories shared with their grandparent whose own are drifting away. Do you remember how much we loved each other? The times we would spend all day in the fields? You’d tell me stories and we would laugh for hours. Those fields always remind me of you.
  • Poor media literacy amongst youth has been shown to distort body image and potentially lead to a number of serious physical and mental health concerns - including depression, bullying, eating disorders and substance abuse. While numerous books exist for adults, this is a rare one designed specifically for teens! Use it as a guidebook, an introduction to the issues of media and an opportunity to be empowered by a healthy body image message.
  • If Emily tries to play basketball, she ends up puffing. What can you do when asthma stops you from playing with your friends? Join Emily and her friends as they find a way she can join in on the fun. Join Emily, Marty and their friends in this new adventure to help them to understand asthma in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Eric loves to read. He has a towering bookshelf brimming with stories of strange and wonderful worlds. But … If only there were a way to actually get to these magical places. He just can’t seem to find the right words and his drawings never look quite right—not like his books at all! How will Eric find a way? A humorous and unique story about finding your own way to be creative.
  • It is Victorian England and Gerard Fox winds clocks for the queen. His lowly status means he lives in a world forever surrounded by shadows. Mademoiselle Moonbeam Lapin is a famous ballerina. She lives in the golden glow of stage lights. When Moonbeam offers Fox her friendship, both of their worlds are transformed forever.
  • Gemma has a new camera! She is visiting the mountains and wants to get the perfect photo. But at the top of the lookout Gemma gets the jitters. Will she let her fear of heights stop her from achieving her dreams? Join Gemma, Marty and their friends as they help Gemma overcome her jitters.
  • When Mummy wears her happy pants we build sandcastles, go out for babycinos and have lots and lot of cuddles. But when she comes home with baby Darcy, her happy pants stay in the wardrobe…